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LCAPP serves as the Landstar intermediary offering third-party discounts on:

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LCAPP frequently adds new products and services to help our BCOs lower their operating costs.

This unique and exciting cost-savings program is only available to Landstar Business Capacity Owners. You can start taking advantage of most LCAPP discounts from the day you sign on with a Landstar carrier.

*Any business capacity owner or Landstar agent choosing to take advantage of Landstar's LCAPP Program acknowledges doing so by their own choice and wholly independent of any representation or statement made herein or related hereto. Landstar System, Inc. and its affiliates do not certify, guarantee, warrant or otherwise attest to the products, goods or services sold by any of the vendors or otherwise through Landstar System, Inc. or its affiliates within LCAPP or otherwise. Landstar makes no representation regarding prices stated herein or otherwise for products, goods or services and anyone relying on the information herein, including prices, does so based upon their independent evaluation and not based upon any information made available through this website, related to this website or otherwise offered directly or indirectly through Landstar System, Inc. and/or its affiliates.

Landstar and/or its corporate affiliates are not the vendors of any goods, products or services offered through LCAPP but may facilitate, advertise or provide information regarding such goods, products or services upon request.  

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